Bullets Over Black Forrest

Black Forrest Cake

One of the things that I used to do in blogging was to do “Bullets Over …” posts. This comes from the fact that I often have numerous random thoughts while eating/drinking/doing something, and the fact that bullet lists are one of the easiest types of blog posts to write. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the man with the best bullet posts would be Dave2 at Blogography, who happens to have done over 300+ Bullet Sunday posts.

Black Forrest CakeSo the thoughts today are coming to you while dining over Black Forrest Cake from the Georgia Diner, one of my semi-frequent favorite places to eat where you can get breakfast at dinner and dessert after breakfast.

  • I’m all about coffee (iced coffee in particular) but I’m not a fan of Starbucks. True fans of Starbucks pay $47.30 for a cup of coffee, and that’s just too rich for my caffeination
  • When it comes to self-publishing, Joanna Penn has more than just a great writer’s name and I always find her content thought provoking and insightful
  • Timehop is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. I love being able to look back and see what I was doing a year, two years, and three years ago
  • My favorite controversial riot-inciting EMS blogger Rogue Medic is expanding his reach with a new podcast called Rogue Medic Rants. I’m looking forward to see how many iPods burst into flame with his undoubtedly incendiary commentary

And my final deep thought…

  • I’ve been brainstorming what my next self-published eBook project should be. I’m a bit torn over it because I already have a first round edited manuscript of my memoirs at Forest Hills VAC ready to go, but I do enjoy writing the non-fiction help style eBooks and at the same time I really want to start working on my fiction line. Of course, I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about what to write… I just want to get to writing. Any suggestions are more than welcome in the comments…

How Podcasting Differs From Blogging

Myself, Jamie "The Podmedic" Davis, and Chris "Geekymedic" Montera

Myself, Jamie "The Podmedic" Davis, and Chris "Geekymedic" Montera

I recently had the opportunity to be on a live recording of the EMS Garage at EMS Today 2010. It’s quite a different experience, both being on a podcast and being live on a podcast in front of an audience. There’s not necessarily a lot of time to formulate a response to the topic, the debate can be quite lively and it goes places you don’t necessarily expect it. While these differences might cause slight anxiety, its also what makes it a helluva lot of fun!

While podcasting is quite a bit different from blogging, many of the concepts for distribution and format remain the same. Here are the things I look for in a podcast before hitting that subscribe button:

  • Format – whether it be a solo recording or a roundtable discussion with numerous people, there needs to be some sort of format that is repeatable
  • Openings – the opener of the show you should have the name of the podcast and the URL of the site where it can be found
  • Introductions – Whether it be the same solo voice, the same cast, or an ever changing dynamic pool of talent everyone on the podcast should introduce themselves before the conversations starts
  • Content – I need to be able to relate to the content on some level. Broad topics don’t usually work well because they lack the details most audiences crave while localizing your topics will indelibly narrow your audience, but to a point where it may become miniscule
  • Closings – I always look for the way to interact with the show in the closing, whether it be the URL of the show’s site or where I can reach all of the individual guests, that’s something I want to know considering I just gave them X number of minutes (hours) of my life I will never get back
  • Connectivity – I want to be able to connect with the podcast (and its participants) beyond the recording. Whether it be a Facebook Page, Twitter account, or a blog I want that level beyond the recording to go to
  • Show Notes – Show notes to me have taken on a new importance ever since I got my iPod Touch. I don’t need the blow by blow of the recording in the podcast, but I do want to see both the topics and who’s on the recording (preferably with links to where I can find them) so I can peruse the topics easily and select something I’m in the mood for as opposed to playing iPod Roulette

What do you look for in a podcast?