Oklahoma Trooper Assaults Paramedic

On Sunday May 24 an Oklahoma State Trooper pulled over an ambulance transporting a patient to an emergency room and reportedly assaulted the Critical Care Paramedic who was charged with the patient’s care.

EMT Paul Franks and Critical Care Paramedic Maurice White from Creek Nation EMS were transporting a patient from Boley along highway 62 to the Prague Hospital Emergency Department. Near Paden the ambulance was pulled over by Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Martin (Badge #606) because of the ambulance’s supposed failure to yield to him further back on the highway.

The incident was caught on video by the patient’s family and posted to YouTube. In the video you can hear EMT Franks request the Trooper to allow them to continue the transport to the Prague Emergency Department and to handle this matter there so as to no longer delay patient care.

Additionally you can clearly see that Paramedic White was in the back of the ambulance caring for the patient when he was pulled out and told that he was “under arrest”. While Paramedic White does in fact appear to resist the arrest, it should be noted that the Trooper Martin attempted to subdue him using a one handed choke hold meant to deny oxygen to his brain while the patient was being left unattended to in the rear of the ambulance. Since Paramedic White was the highest medical authority and charged with the patient’s well being it is understandable why he would in fact resist such an arrest action by the Troopers since there was no equal or higher medical authority for him to transfer care therefore leaving him as the responsible party.

You may think that common sense would dictate that if indeed Paramedic White allowed himself to be taken into custody that he would no longer be held liable for the well being of the patient, but common sense would also dictate that a law enforcement officer should not delay an ambulance crew from delivering a potentially critical patient to the emergency room. Apparently common sense is in very short supply from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and therefore it is safe to assume that it would also be in short supply in their other law enforcement and judicial agencies. Oklahoma is afterall the state that legalized upskirt photography to the delight of perverts and sexual deviants everywhere.

There is also reportedly a dashcam recording of this incident from the Trooper’s car that will reportedly show the ambulance crew assaulting the Trooper first, but surprisingly (or not) that has yet to be released.

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