Co-Founding PIO Social Media Training

In 2009 educator Greg Friese asked me via Twitter how I thought an agency should leverage social media to their communities. In my own typical fashion, I answered his question with a blog post (because really, 140 characters is hardly enough for my mere thoughts much less an answer to a question I could pontificate about for hours) where I outlined the role of the “Social Media Public Information Officer“.

This lead to a number of e-mails where Greg and I discussed how best to educate agencies in the best practices for social media use. These conversations lead to the founding of PIO Social Media Traing.

Through the power of Social Media individuals, groups, and large corporations all have an equal opportunity to be heard. The mission of the content at PIOSocialMediaTraining.com is to empower Agencies to effectively engage in the creation of Social Media to achieve their own unique goals.

This is achieved through a combination of the Social Media E-mail Bootcamp, our blog postings, and conference presentations. Having already helped hundreds of agencies and professionals begin utilizing social media, we still have many more agencies to help realize and achieve their goals.