The Social Media Evangelist

I began my involvement in Social Media in November of 2005. My inspiration came from the time during my deployment in Sabine County, Texas for Hurricane Rita relief operations.

During that time I would update the home office using an ongoing e-mail message chain that unofficially became known as The Sabine County Letters. When I returned I discovered that the e-mails had been forwarded amongst members of the agency and were even being posted at one location. The keen interest in these messages lead me to discover blogging.

My Hot Blogger Calendar Photo

My first blog was hosted on Blogger. I didn’t really have a theme to my blog other than I didn’t dare write anything about EMS. There were laws that I didn’t quite fully understand yet (such as HIPAA) and I wanted to steer clear of any wrong doing. So I adopted my old CB handle as a screen name and persona, wrote about my life and how I saw things, and soon found out other people were reading what I was writing. I found myself counted amongst a legion of others… personal bloggers.

Eventually in 2006 I moved everything over to my own domain and a new platform, Expression Engine. I did this for two reasons: 1) I wanted readers to understand that I was invested in my blogging and 2) I wanted more power and flexibility in the platform. In hindsight, the move was right but the platform was wrong. At that time WordPress had a number of security issues so I avoided it. The bad thing about Expression Engine was that I never quite “got” it. Therefore I was on a more powerful platform, but unable to take true full advantage of it.

The community of personal bloggers I found myself in was both strong and thriving. It provided me with the opportunity to both meet people I otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to know and to gain insights into the different mindsets of those who used these new mediums. It also afforded me the opportunity to witness first hand the power that social media can have on affecting lives, in both positive and negative ways.

Over the years I have been able to hone the craft of connecting with one another through messaging by testing out the theories of others, creating my own philosophies, and gathering a better understanding of the mediums involved through networking, practice, and eating cereal.

A lot of cereal.